At 35 years old...
a normal midwestern man, barely literate, who grew up bouncing between two families, enduring poverty conditions, a rough farm life, grueling army experiences, and challenging medical ordeals, discovers he has the ability to communicate with a dead Indian girl. She reveals to him spiritual awareness and links him to spirit world where he is able to receive messages from beings on the other side and translate for the benefit of those in the living. Without any self promotion, he is sought out by police detectives, politicians, corporate moguls, sports figures, socialites and celebrities; becoming the most popular working medium in Indiana until his death in 1999.
This is the true life story of Indianapolis resident Don Kemp, spiritualist teacher and medium, who served thousands of clients local and worldwide. His colorful life began in poverty during the Great Depression and led him through army training at the onset of World War II, adult experiences working in factories, beauty salons and hospital administration, ending as independent psychic consultant of renown. He experienced "passing to the other side," astral travel, physical translocation, spontaneous healing, and spirit visitations numerous times. His popularity kept him busy speaking to numerous congregations around the midwest where his charismatic channeled teachings of the tenets of Spiritualism drew throngs of students seeking universal truth.
This book includes stories of his life (with 26 photographs) and the spiritualist teachings he learned and shared.

1/31/12  Jamie Douglas: "This is an amazing thing and labor of love. Don was an amazing friend and client. he gave me several readings and I was amazed at his power. He always made me feeled loved and the time we shared was incredible. Thank you for telling a wonderful story of a very gifted man."

Comments from Readers–

11/15/11  Ethna Verkamp: "I loved the book. Great job Jeff. I really felt who Don was." 
11/16/11  Tami Buckley Baumgartner: "I witnessed a man who was unpretentious and many times surprised at the way he could help people with his gift. I really got a sense of the wonder that Don felt at the info that came through him; he 'gave what he got' without embellishment because he was a man of integrity. A character at times, but a man of integrity."
11/29/11  John Jones: "Just finished your book and really enjoyed it.  Don truly had a gift, he had a unique way of making you “think forward”, by sharing what he saw from your past and what he hopes for in your future.  He motivated, calmed, gave hope, solved mysteries, closed doors, and opened so many opportunities for people."
12/06/11  Dorothea Goold: "I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the life of one of Indianapolis' most gifted psychic readers. Don's biography is well-written by his friend Jeff who knew many facts about his early life and background that add substance to our understanding of Don's special gifts and personality. Having received readings from Don, I can attest to his caring and unique charisma. Anyone who is interested in metaphysics and the life of a man who survived struggles and poverty to live fulfilled and help those of us who benefited from his work, will enjoy reading this excellent biography!"
12/28/11  Cheryl Hine:  "I read your new book yesterday.  It was a great story that filtered in Don's metaphysical teachings as it was told. A profound accomplishment!"
1/8/12  Lena Slay: "Just wonderful, it's just like sitting there talking to Don. If more people would read this then they would become enlightened and it would remove the fear of death."

1/19/12  Sue Erickson:"We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Don's life journey and wanted to thank you for the energy in which you gave this endeavor. You captured Don's essence and the universal truth that he strove to share. We felt "in touch with the vibration" ("Give it again") and this work of your was uplifting, enlightening and renewing ("You can take that to the bank!")."





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Spiritual Truth & Life Journeys: Biography of Don Kemp

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6x9 inch book size, laminated soft cover; 105 pages containing 26 photographs, 13 chapters, Foreword by Kevin Carmean, Dedication, Prologue, Epilogue and Acknowledgments. The text includes life stories and channeled teachings transcribed from recorded class lectures, church services and readings.

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  • Prologue    (Don telling the story of his first spirit visitation, 1938, in the middle of the night at 12yo)

  • Living the Life and Loving It!   (introduction and overview of Don's adult life)

  • You Can't Escape the Law of Karma  (his birth and the situation of having two mothers and two families)

  • You Will Do the Work–There is No Skipping School in Spirit  (farm life in NW Ohio, education, the church, experiencing the Great Depression)

  • It's in Divine Order–There is No Suffering in Vain  (Don's wacky army adventures and the health crisis that saved his future)

  • At The Appointed Hour, When Soul is Ready, Difficulties are Resolved  (growing up, furthering his education, losing a father)

  • You Are Part of the Father, Pure and Divine, With a Direct Link to All Creation  (adult jobs, reconciling his educational shortcomings, and other adult adventures)

  • It's All About the Journey–Live, Love and Become Enlightened  (spiritual growth, aunt Bertha, cousin Crystal, and the car trip to California in 1965)

  • Spirit World is Just a Breath Away (experiencing Camp Chesterfield, making spirit connection)

  • You Do Your Best Work When You Don't Know What You're Doing (growing toward enlightenment, confronting the "religious right", and facing medical ordeals)

  • It's All About Bridging Matter to Soul (the big lessons from Red Rose's channeled teachings)

  • Life On the Wild Planet (experiencing the benefits of karma, and car trips to the southwest, Florida, and Montana) 

  • Closing the Books On This Incarnation  (Don's physical passing, having a funeral, dispensing the cremains)

  • Epilogue (trying to make sense of it all, re-discovering

    the old church, 2012 revelations) 

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[1999 newspaper obituary]
This Dead Man Just
May Know What the
Future Holds for Him

Will Higgins
The Indianapolis Star

The body of Donald Kemp was cremated this week; his memorial service is tonight.

Kemp was found Saturday in the upstairs of his house. He was 73. It was probably a heart attack, probably early Friday.

So ended a most unusual life.

Kemp looked normal, like any other short, bald, retired white man. He had been a soldier in World War II. He worked as an accountant at a hospital; he taught hair-cutting at a beauty college; he waited tables at St. Elmo, the steakhouse.

What was unusual was, Kemp could look into peoples' pasts and their futures.

He was psychic.

You either buy that or  you don't. But for  years, Kemp did good business.

"I knew people who went to him for psychic readings and they were impressed," says Julia Carson, the congresswoman. Carson did not consult Kemp in that way, but she did know him slightly and found him "different from anyone I'd ever known –spiritual."

Kemp never made big money off it, never made any money off it until he had to – after his first heat attack, in the mid-1970s. He couldn't wait tables anymore; he needed cash.

A Dead Brother Appears

Kemp had know of his special ability since he was 5 years old, says his nephew Robert LaFara. That's when Kemp's dead brother, Cecil, appeared to him. Soon, LaFara says, Kemp was "leaving his body at night and communicating on the spiritual plane."

Kemp had done "readings" for relatives for years, and they were sold (except for his foster mother; she was Lutheran).

But it wasn't until he was up against it financially that Kemp threw open his doors to the public.

He never advertised; there was no sign in front of his house, which is at 42nd and College. People learned of Kemp by word of mouth.

It was $50 for a half-hour.

They waited in the living room, where there are a couple of La-Z-Boys and some statues of American Indians.

Kemp did the readings in the kitchen.

It's a small kitchen. On its walls are pictures of American Indians and one of Jesus.

You and Kemp would sit a the kitchen table, across from each other. He didn't consult a crystal ball, he didn't read your palm. Instead, says Wendy, a client, "he'd stare into space, over your shoulder."

Red Rose Speaks

He'd say there was an American Indian over there, a woman named Red Rose, and that Red Rose gave him the lowdown.

He would chain-smoke Marlboro Lights during all this and tap his lighter on the table.

So there you'd be, trying to learn more about yourself by paying $50 to a bald, old, fidgety white man wearing an American Indian medallion around his neck and talking to somebody who wasn't there.


Says Wendy: "He once told me our buildings were built wrong, that we'd have to tear part of them down and start over. He told me we'd sell them and move to the Bay Area. And buy a farmhouse."

Baloney, Wendy figured. But soon it was discovered the houses she and her husband were building, in a small Southside development, were off-kilter. They had to be partially torn down and rebuilt. Soon after, they sold the development. Soon after that, they bought a farmhouse in Michigan, in the Grand Traverse Bay area.

LaFara will do the eulogy tonight and then throw it open to the floor. This promises to be one interesting send-off.

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