I've taken the parts of the Don Kemp biography that are direct quotes from him on the teachings of Spiritualism and created a FREE e-book entitled: Don Kemp's Tenets of Spiritualism: Channeled Through His Spirit Guide Red Rose. This is a short book (about 15,000 words/60 pages) which are just the teachings without the life stories. I know that Don would have wanted the philosophy of spiritual awareness to be made available to everyone whether or not they can afford to buy a book. So tell your friends who are just beginning to enter the world of spiritual awareness to download the free e-book at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jeffroby.  It can be downloaded to all the e-book formats (Kindle, iPad, etc) and also can be downloaded to any pc as a pdf or text file (so you don't have to have an electronic reader). Enjoy and create some positive karma by spreading cosmic consciousness!